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How can working with a recruiter help your career?

When looking for a job you will find a dizzying array of options when it comes to searching and applying for roles. Online job boards, social media, face to face networking, applying through a company website or using a recruitment consultant – all of these methods have their pros and cons and warrant further discussion.

Let’s consider how working with a recruiter can help with your next career move. If you are selective and work with a specialist recruiter, you can benefit greatly from their connections and experience.

  1. Relationships with key decision makers

Good recruiters build relationships with hiring managers and decision makers over a prolonged period of time and will have an inside knowledge of their client’s hiring culture and practices; things they just don’t put on job adverts! Not to mention that a lot of organisations only accept applications through their chosen recruitment partner

  1. Helping you know your worth

Specialist recruiters have their finger on the pulse of their chosen sectors and can advise you of what salary and package is appropriate for your skill set, experience and location. Even if you’ve been in your industry for years you could still easily be under or over-selling yourself and missing out on some great opportunities.

  1. CV expertise

Recruiters have seen every kind of CV imaginable and can suggest layout and content improvements to suit different clients. When you consider that 43% of hiring managers would immediately disqualify a candidate with a spelling error on their CV, access to someone that can professionally scrutinise yours is invaluable.

  1. Interview preparation

Practising by yourself by the mirror and Googling ‘hard interview questions’ is just not the same as being able to run through a mock interview with your recruiter. They will also be privy to details about how the client conducts their interview process, and can brief you on what to expect on the day.

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