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To ensure business continuity and securing the best talent, clients are relying on technology to interview and on-board candidates. If you need to Interview remotely there are several ways to ensure a successful video interview and present your best self!

Set up and Background:

There are several options available including Skype, Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp. Practice on the given platform, ensure you have a stable internet connection. Your Fuel consultant will do a rehearsal with you.

Set up and Background:

Be aware of what may be seen behind you, keep an uncluttered background and do not use photo backgrounds. Natural light is best, but keep the light behind the camera and not directly behind you. We suggest you sit in one location and do not move around.

In the Frame

Get the right interview space set up, set the camera up it is just above you eye line, so you are positioned in the centre. try not to get too close or too far away, the camera should show from your chest upwards and not cut off the top of your head. importantly sit up straight!.

Preparation and Research:

No different to a normal interview, do your research on the company and the interviewers. Read the job description provided and have a couple of questions prepared.

Question preparation:

No different to a normal interview, have a set of questions prepared. These can be the same as you would ask in a face-to-face interview.

Video courtesy:

It’s challenging to maintain eye contact through a computer screen, but it can be done. Try to focus on the camera instead of yourself, or move your eyes between each person if their are multiple attendee

Wait a moment after a question has been asked to account for any lag due to slow internet speeds. This way, you won’t cut them off if they still have more to say. With the lack of a real handshake, say hello and introduce yourself confidently to kick start your communication.

Ending the interview:

Dont rush to hit that “Leave” button, politely thank the interviewers for their time, ensure there are no further questions, give that moment for any potential lag and end the call. remain seated and quiet until the call has ended.

Fuel Recruitment has a robust and flexible business continuity plan in place so we will continue to deliver our services to high standards, whilst maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients and candidates.

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