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The Surveyor role sits within the wider environment of both the multi-functional operational Project team but also, in terms of professional governance, either the Acquisition & Planning or the Estates & Valuation functional teams.  This will be dependent on the primary nature of the job specific role (Acquisition or Estates led) but it is expected that post holders will have interchangeable skill sets. The primary role of this role holder is:

  1. The day to day delivery of all end to end Acquisition or Estates lifecycle activities, from instruction up to Handover Pack (HOP).
  2. Where relevant, supporting the Project Manager in reporting to and in managing the Customer expectations.
  3. Working closely/liaising with internal stakeholders including Design, Admin, Valuation, Planning and (as required) Commercial, Purchasing and Operational resources.
  4. Working closely/liaising with Customer stakeholders (radio planners, delivery managers, legal counterparts, customer planning specialists etc.) and as relevant other external stakeholders (LPAs, highways, Landlords etc.).

The Surveyor will work within the project team, reporting to the Project Manager, to ensure the delivery of the project to both client, and company targets (time, cost, quality) as set from time to time by the business and to such quality standards as directed by the client’s process documents on a project specific basis.

Phoebe Horner

Associate Director

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