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Fibre Surveyor


UK Wide Sites

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£250 per day

• Adhere to Client specific procedures
• Carry out dynamic risk assessments on site prior to work commencing and report any visible hazards or defects from site by way of a “red flag” early warning system.
• Implement control measures as required to enable the survey to be completed in a safe manner.
• Obtain & accurately record all existing site information and propose the most practical solution based on Client specification and any known constraints.
• Act as the Client representative when attending any survey or MSV (multi-skilled visit) and protect the interests of both client and the Customer at all times.
• Be professional, safety conscious and conscientious at all times both on and off site.
• Liaise with all those involved on site at survey incl. but not limited to Site Provider (Landlord) or their appointed Agent/Engineer, Acquisition, Planning, Construction, Council, General Public etc.
• Collate the information gathered in a concise & legible manner incl. survey notes, sketches, photos and present it clearly for submission to the fibre Planning Team and Client.
• Compile all project specific reports and associated documentation with a strong focus on quality and deadlines.
• Liaise with the PM, Fibre Planning Team and/or Survey Manager.
• Assist with resolving any queries to enable sites to progress to Design as quickly as possible.
• Comply with company policies/procedures at all times.
• Adhere to current Health & Safety legislation without exception.

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