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Lead Software Developer



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£35,000 – £40,000

Lead Software Developer – Telecommunications – £35,000-£40,000

A lead developer is a key member of the development team responsible for leading a team of developers to deliver new features accurately and efficiently as well as improving legacy systems and processes. Working within an agile framework, a clear drive for delivery is required as well as strong organisation and problem-solving skills. Attending the weekly technical direction meeting requires someone that keeps up with the latest technology trends and creates new tools and processes to improve overall team performance.

Key Responsibilities and Skills:
• Build efficient services that produce and consume Apache Kafka events to reduce uncouple codebases and reduce impact of an outage
• Develop microservices that have one main responsibility allowing new features and improvements to be made extremely quickly
• Create new tools and processes to increase performance of their sub-team before introducing them to the wider team if appropriate
• Attend the weekly technical direction meeting to discuss new and upcoming technologies that might enhance the team’s stature and output
• Lead a Kanban team technically by designing new systems thoroughly as well as creating improvements for legacy codebases
• Performing first interviews for new developers of all levels
• Evaluate the performance and skills of developers within their team sub-team to spot areas of weakness and training requirements
• Constant delivery of new features to a very high quality by consistently reviewing other developers code and communicating/providing feedback when required
• Using the defined technology stack as the default for all new codebases, but suggesting alternatives to the Software Development Manager if applicable
• Ability to produce highly scalable software through the use design patterns as well as queuing and caching
• Write unit tests for all new functionality to ensure functionality behaves as expected and remains to

• 3+ years of commercial PHP experience with the use of frameworks
• Strong understanding of Event Driven Architecture using a message broker such as Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ
• Developed microservices
• Third party integrations
• Led a team of developers to consistently deliver high quality features
• Ability to challenge existing practices and processes Skills
• Caching e.g. Redis
• Events e.g Kafka
• PHP7+ with Laravel or Symfony
• Unit Testing e.g. PHPUnit
• Git
• Docker
• Continuous integration and delivery

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