What Makes a Successful Contractor?

By MAbrahall / May 30, 2019 /

As experts in contract and interim recruitment, we know many contractors who have been working successfully for years or even decades, who are well suited to being self-employed. Over the years we’ve noticed that these individuals have a few things in common that help them contract successfully. So, we’ve made a note of them here…

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Close up on feet walking up blue steps in the rain in red trainers

Your Step by Step Guide to Resigning Professionally

By MAbrahall / May 22, 2018 /

After months of job searching, countless CV rewrites, several job interviews and possibly even a second interview, you’ve done it! You’ve finally been offered the new job of your dreams. But now comes the part most people dread: officially handing in your notice. While every company is different, there are five steps to the resigning…

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Graphic illustrating the words 6 Easy Ways to improve your job search

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Job Search

By MAbrahall / March 13, 2018 /

When you’re looking to make a change in your career, you need to use every possible weapon in your arsenal to stand out from the crowd of candidates. It’s not enough these days to simply upload your rather tired CV to a couple of online platforms and wait for the job offers to land in…

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Woman looking unsure and pensive

How to impress in your new job

By MAbrahall / August 19, 2016 /

Six ways to feel settled and confident during your first week in a new job. So all the hard work has paid off – the rewriting of CVs and the mastering of the perfect firm handshake has borne fruit in the form of an exciting new job offer! But now the hard work really begins…

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