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Would you hire yourself?

When you’re writing up your CV and preparing yourself for interviews, it can be hard to be objective about yourself and what you can offer a potential employer. Once you put aside the cold hard facts of education and skills, hiring managers are really looking for the ‘right fit’ for their company. So how can you view yourself impartially? Follow our tips to find out if you would hire yourself or if your personal brand could use a little revamp.

Step 1 – Google yourself

Let’s be honest, this has become pretty standard practice for companies recruiting for roles where reputation and character are valued commodities. You need to know what your potential boss is seeing when they find you on Google, to make sure that what they discover doesn’t present you in a negative light. Google have a good help centre for managing your online reputation here:

Step 2 – Optimise your Linked In profile

With over 150 million people now using LinkedIn for networking, it can often be one of the first points of calls for employers looking to check out a potential candidate. The minute you seriously start job-hunting you should make sure your profile is up to date with a professional looking photo (not a Facebook profile pic!) and all relevant details around your current job title, background and experience. As with the Google exercise, search for yourself on LinkedIn and try to view your own profile critically. You should also take the time to join groups relevant to your industry and interests. LinkedIn have created a good how-to guide here, it’s aimed at graduates but the advice applies across the board:

Step 3 – Get some honest feedback

It’s really important to get candid feedback on both your CV and your performances in interviews. We are the worst people to critically access our own work, so make sure that your new CV is put under the nose of at least three people whose opinions you value. When it comes to interviews, your recruitment consultant should give you feedback in an honest and constructive way.


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