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At Fuel Recruitment we’re always on the look-out for people who want to kick-start their career in the recruitment world. And as we deal with top talent every day, we’re pretty good at spotting it for ourselves. So, if you are…

  • passionate about performing to the best of your ability
  • a self-starter but happy to work as part of a team
  • IT literate
  • and open, honest and enthusiastic…

… we could be your perfect match. And don’t worry if you haven’t worked in recruitment before. We have our own Training & Accreditation Academy for anyone new to the industry.

We offer great rewards including competitive remuneration, a vibrant work environment, a structured career path and a number of ‘soft benefits’ linked to health, wellbeing and your social life. Above all, we like to put people first. So if you’ve got an out-going personality, an eye for detail and the drive to succeed, this could be the start of a beautiful working relationship. Apply now or bookmark this page for future reference. We look forward to hearing from you shortly… If this sounds like you and you’d like to hear more about joining our growing and successful team of Recruitment Consultants, send your CV to

What is The Fuel Recruitment Training Academy?

The Fuel Recruitment Training Academy is a comprehensive training plan delivered to all new Recruitment Consultants. The Academy is a year long accreditation process of extensive training and testing in recruitment processes, methodology and legislation. Individuals are required to complete a written exam before they become accredited Consultants. The training plan was created to provide a formal pathway for consultants to follow, taking them from having no recruitment experience to being knowledgeable Consultants.

Why do we conduct training in-house as opposed to many companies who outsource their training?

We believe that our internal training scheme is unique to the industry. It offers a clear career path for our Consultants, but also ensures that everyone is working to the same high standards of customer service and knowledge of recruitment legislation and methodology. We’ve used external trainers in the past but never felt they met our specific requirements. Fuel Recruitment often hire people at the start of their careers, and we feel there are no existing external training programmes to help our staff to develop to their fullest potential. The Fuel Recruitment Training Academy was written to address that need.

Why is training so important?

When you join a company you want to feel valued and know that your professional development is important to the business. Our Training Academy gives Consultants a structured pathway to follow to allow continuous, formalised career development. This is something Consultants can refer back to when faced with real life situations and a way each individual’s progress can be monitored.

If you’d like to hear more about joining our growing and successful team of Recruitment Consultants, send your CV to

Charity Challenge Gallery

Fundraising for charitable causes is a big part of office life at Fuel Recruitment – from making ourselves look ridiculous wearing ugly knitwear and growing bad moustaches, to cycling from one end of the country to another and climbing Mount Snowdon. There’s not much the Fuel team won’t do for a good cause!

Here’s a gallery showing some of the charity challenges we’ve taken on over the years.

Fuel Values & Ethos

Integrity and respect are the cornerstones of our approach, and we try to display humility in all that we do, listening and learning every step of the way. Add a hearty dose of passion for the work we do and a company-wide accountability for getting the best results attainable and you can see why we have continued to grow year-on-year ever since our foundation in 2003.






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