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Why December is the best month to look for a job

Looking for a new job takes time and effort. When you consider that finding a new role takes an average of 2 months, it’s no surprise that most job hunters take a break over the Christmas period. However, if you’re planning to do this you could be missing out, as December can actually be the best month of the year for your job search.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to focus your job hunting efforts:

1. Hiring activity might not be as slow as you think
It’s easy to assume that most companies slow down during December. However, some organisations run their budgets from January to December, and if they have money to spare for hiring they will need to spend it before the year end. December can also be prime time for employees handing in their notice in preparation for a fresh start in January, especially if they’ve been waiting for their year-end bonus.

2. You’ll stand out from the crowd
In January, hiring managers and recruiters will be knee-deep in applications from people looking for a new opportunity, and yours could get lost in the pile. Extra commitments and obligations of the Christmas season often mean that job searches are the first thing to be sacrificed. Take advantage of this chance to stand out from the crowd!

3. You won’t lose momentum
Taking a break from your job search can lead to a loss in motivation, and you may lose track of who you’ve been in contact with and what stage your applications are at. If you remain diligent and consistent throughout the Christmas period you won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch in the New Year.

4. People are more receptive
Practising by yourself by the mirror and Googling ‘hard interview questions’ is just not the same as being able to run through a mock interview with your recruiter. They will also be privy to details about how the client conducts their interview process, and can brief you on what to expect on the day.

5. Networking comes naturally
Christmas is a time for celebrating and making merry – the perfect time for networking. Drinks after work and office parties offer a great opportunity to put the feelers out and make new connections. And don’t forget the non-work events too; family and friends might know of companies looking to hire. Keep your ears open, but as above, be aware of what’s appropriate. No handing out CVs over the turkey!

If you’re looking to make the most of opportunities in December, take a look at our latest perm and contract jobs and get in touch with your CV.

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