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Fuel is a true meritocracy, with great earning potential as well as a continued internal training that ensures you get out what you put in


The entire team at Fuel Recruitment is dedicated to providing a first-class recruiting service for our clients and candidates alike. Based in London, Leamington and Manchester, we operate in all areas of the UK and also handle a growing number of assignments on a full EMEA basis.

As you might expect from a company expert in recruitment networking, we have a superb IT team managing and maintaining the databases and hi-tech infrastructure that underpins our offer. Then there are our Account Managers and Recruitment Consultants who work closely with clients and candidates on a day to day basis. And finally, of course, our senior people who are instrumental in setting standards, maintaining our competitiveness and playing active roles when it comes to executive search.

But whoever you meet from Fuel Recruitment, we are all part of one team – intent on providing a superior service at every stage of the recruitment process. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Senior Management

Mark Esom Managing Director

mesom@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487489

Mark founded Fuel Recruitment in 2003. As Managing Director, he is responsible for establishing strategic goals and ensuring effective coordination between the client and candidate facing areas of the company and the support functions.

Mark has worked in the technical recruitment industry since 1994, initially in supplying contractors to the telecommunications industry and later working within IT and Broadcast for both contract and permanent placements. He has vast experience managing large teams of recruitment consultants and sizable budgets.

Mark promotes a very high level quality in processes and customer service, which is fundamental to Fuel Recruitment’s method of working.


Murray West Head of Sales

mwest@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487490

Murray helped to set up Fuel Recruitment in 2003. He is now responsible for directing Account Management personnel and the development of new business, both in the UK and internationally. In order to use his unparalleled experience to best advantage he also maintains direct responsibility for Account Management of our Broadcast and International clients.

He is widely regarded as an expert in the Broadcast and Telecoms sectors with experience in recruiting for an enormously wide range of specialist roles.


Jason Bradshaw Head of Acquisition, Estates & Property

jbradshaw@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 0161 457 1331

Since starting with Fuel in 2012, Jason has progressed from Recruitment Consultant to Senior Consultant, gaining valuable experience in Fuel Recruitment’s Telecoms division.

Jason is now Head of Acquisition, Estates & Property and also manages our office in Manchester. He works closely with a number of high profile Telecoms, Retail and Property clients and is responsible for their continued management and growth. Delivering excellent customer service is always central to Jason’s approach with his clients and candidates.


Steve Willmore Head of Recruitment Delivery

swillmore@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487498 

Steve is one of the founding members of Fuel Recruitment and is responsible for managing Fuel’s team of Recruitment Consultants and ensuring we meet the requirements of our clients and candidates alike.

Steve has over 15 years of experience in recruitment with extensive knowledge of the Telecoms and IT industries.


Chris McCarthy Head of Executive & Pivot RPO

cmccarthy@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455934

Chris has over 18 years’ experience in recruitment. He has developed and delivered a range of recruitment services for clients in commerce across a range of skill sets including Finance, IT, HR and Marketing. For example, Chris has worked with clients such as 20th Century Fox across EMEA recruiting new Executives, such as a Managing Director and Finance Director in Russia, whilst re-engineering their recruitment processes, supply chain and direct sourcing in order to meet significant headcount targets and drive down recruitment spend.

Chris’ impressive track record of personal appointments includes working with BT, KPMG, Birmingham City Council, Cable & Wireless, 20TH Century Fox & The Cabinet Office amongst others.


Recruitment Consultants

Andrew Strain Recruitment Specialist - Telecommunications

astrain@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455940

Andrew works primarily in the Telecoms and Broadcast sectors, providing high level professionals into a range of companies, from small, niche specialists to large Blue-Chip firms. He’s placed staff ranging from Administrators and Project Engineers through to higher level Project Managers, Build Managers and Programme Managers.




Anya Brown Recruitment Consultant

abrown@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487497

Harrison Cunliffe Recruitment Specialist - Mobile Telecommunications and Rigging

hcunliffe@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 0161 8041 663 

Harrison is a specialist in Telecoms and Field Engineering. Working closely with Telecoms companies, he has developed his own technical knowledge and a wide-spread network to provide a supporting and consultative service to their projects. He has placed Engineers across every niche in Telecoms Field Engineering as well as placing supporting staff throughout the back office and Project Management.


Jake Adamo Recruitment Consultant

jadamo@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455943

Jason Bradshaw Head of Acquisition, Estates and Property

jbradshaw@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 0161 8041 662

Since starting with Fuel in 2012 Jason has progressed from Recruitment Consultant to Senior Consultant, gaining valuable experience in Fuel Recruitment’s Telecoms division. Jason is now Head of Business Development for our new office in Manchester and will be focusing on building new relationships and serving our existing clients in the North.

Jason has worked closely with a number of high profile Telecoms clients over the last few years and is responsible for their continued management and growth.

Delivering excellent customer service is always central to Jason’s approach with his clients and candidates.


Katie Tyler Talent Acquisition Manager

ktyler@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455930

Katie started her career in HR and then made the move into Internal Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, where she has worked across a variety of industries including Banking, Automotive and Recruitment. She has supported the creation and implementation of recruitment processes and driven hiring strategies across a range of skill sets. Katie manages the end to end recruitment process for all internal hires, aiding the growth of Fuel Recruitment.


Matt Bennett Recruitment Specialist - M2M, IoT, and Smart Technology

mbennett@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487480

Matthew leads our M2M, IoT, and Smart Technology recruitment team and excels at analysing industry growth trends. He has a keen interest in technology and industry movements across both the IT and Telecommunications sector, and his focus is always on providing a full consultative service to his clients. Matthew is currently covering the following areas: Medical Devices, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Sensor Technology, Connected Home, Smart Cities, and Wearable Devices.


Olivia Rotherham Recruitment Consultant

orotherham@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455947

Ollie Paginton Recruitment Consultant

opaginton@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487492

Rob Brunt Principal Consultant - Automotive Engineering & Manufacturing

rbrunt@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487482

Rob has over 12 years technical recruitment experience covering various sectors including Automotive, Energy, IT, Scientific and Manufacturing.

A quality driven individual, Rob’s main strengths lie in developing key accounts and project managing major recruitment drives which are business critical to our clients. He takes a consultative approach to his work and is responsible for the strategic development of our Engineering Division.


Sam Liggins Recruitment Consultant

sliggins@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487484

Admin and Support

Elaine Adams Head of Finance & Administration

eadams@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487496



Catherine Robinson Contracts & Office Coordinator

crobinson@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455939

Richard Dunn Payroll Coordinator

rdunn@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455937

Lorraine Esom Credit Controller


Zoe West Administrator, Pivot RPO

zwest@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 455946

Jackie Udell Contracts and Office Coordinator - Maternity Cover

judell@fuelrecruitment.co.uk | DDI: 01926 487494

Fuel for thought…

Between them, our senior people have over 100 years’ experience in the recruitment sector."