Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance

At Fuel Recruitment, we are committed to managing our business in a socially responsible way that protects the environment and improves people’s lives.
As part of this commitment:

  • We source our services sustainably and ethically.
  • We partner with suppliers who share our values around human rights, working practices, and environmental outlook
  • We minimize our environmental footprint by reducing energy and water usage in our facilities, minimizing waste, and utilizing renewable energy sources.
  • We foster an inclusive, diverse workplace where all employees have opportunities to develop and thrive.
  • We offer competitive benefits, professional development programs, and work-life balance policies.
  • We aim to be a good influence in the communities where we operate. We work with local community programs to support local causes and support charities
  • We uphold high standards of ethics, transparency and accountability in how we conduct business. We comply with all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate.
  • We embed sustainability criteria into business decisions across the company and seek to minimize any negative impacts from our operations.

By integrating environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance best practices into all areas of our business, we aim to create long-term value for our shareholders while contributing to the betterment of society and the environment


Our Charity Missions



Fuel has a well-developed sustainability strategy is critical to remain relevant and successful in the long-term. By proactively addressing environmental, social, and economic sustainability issues, we can manage risks, realise cost savings, create value for stakeholders, uphold ethics, and maintain a resilient company poised for the future. A strong sustainability strategy allows us to conserve resources, reduce waste and emissions, promote responsible sourcing, and incentivise innovation to develop a cleaner business. Our sustainability strategy also helps us to enhance our brand reputation and attract and retain top talent.

As we continue to grow as a company, we plan to expand our commitment to a sustainable future and we are proud to be partnered with Ecologi, a certified B-Corp organisation that supports global reforestation and carbon reduction projects. Through Ecologi, we offset the carbon emissions of our entire business operations by contributing to projects that plant native trees and restore fragile ecosystems. This fantastic initiative demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability in business. Our partnership allows us to calculate and fully offset the carbon footprint created by our office, remote employees, travel, and procurement.

This is a key part of our broader environmental sustainability strategy. Along with offsetting emissions through tree planting, we aim to reduce our footprint by using renewable energy, reducing business travel, and purchasing environmentally conscious materials and merchandise. We are dedicated to growing our business responsibly and minimizing our climate impact.

We will continue to offset enough CO2 and planting enough trees to cover the carbon footprint of our dedicated workforce and the entire business!

In addition, we plant a tree for every placement that we make, whether it is a contract or permanent role. So, if you work with Fuel Recruitment, you can be sure that you are also contributing to a better future for our planet!