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5 Things to Delete from Your CV Right Now

As specialist recruiters, we see hundreds of CVs on a weekly basis, and we always advise our candidates if there’s something that needs editing before we send them on to clients.

The most important thing is that there are no “typos” or spelling mistakes! Your CV is often the first thing people see about you and this will create the wrong first impression.

There are also things that might need removing altogether. If your CV is due a refresh, make sure you’re as strict as possible about trimming out the dead wood that might be getting in the way of you landing your dream job. Our list of ‘5 things to delete from your CV right now’ is a great place to start:


1. Basic skills like ‘email’ or ‘Microsoft Word’
No potential employer is going to be impressed by someone’s ability to send an email in 2017. Ditto Word, Excel and any other program used in offices on a daily basis. Including basic skills might give the impression that you’re trying to pad out your CV.


2. Number of Twitter followers or Facebook friends
It might have taken years to get that impressive Twitter following, but unless social media is an important part of the job you’re applying for, it’s not relevant. Use that social media savvy to make sure there are no incriminating photos on your Facebook feed for a potential employer to find.


3. Foreign languages you’re not able to hold a conversation in
You might think it’s a bonus to have language skills listed on your CV, but if it’s one you studied years ago that you’ve all but forgotten, there really isn’t much point. Hiring managers are looking for skills that can benefit their company, so if your dream employer’s main office is in Munich, maybe it’s time to brush up on your GCSE German!


4. Attempts at humour
Trying to communicate your great sense of humour on a CV is never a good idea, especially adding joke skills like ‘super-human coffee-drinker’ or ‘expert in Arsenal trivia’. The whole point of a CV is to show off your skills and secure an interview, where you can impress and charm someone face-to-face (and even then, it’s best to save the jokes for your mates).


5. Any qualifications you can’t verify
One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is feeling they have to be a perfect match to the job description to be in with a chance. Recruiters will look for specific skills and qualifications, but it’s rare any candidate will be a 100% match. Honesty is always the best policy; adding fake or exaggerated qualifications to your CV is simply not worth the risk.


Looking for a new role in IT, Consulting, Telecoms, Engineering or Marketing? Follow our advice and get rid of the dead wood in your CV, then have a chat to us about your career plans. Call 01926 487487 to talk with one of our consultants.

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