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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Job Search

When you’re looking to make a change in your career, you need to use every possible weapon in your arsenal to stand out from the crowd of candidates.

It’s not enough these days to simply upload your rather tired CV to a couple of online platforms and wait for the job offers to land in your lap. Competition for jobs can be fierce, so you need to be a lot more proactive than reactive.

However, making a few simple and easy changes to your job search will give you a much better chance of securing an interview, and hopefully, that all-important job offer!

  1. Use an expert recruiter
    Most industry sectors, especially technical ones, have recruiters that specialise in hiring within them. Take a few minutes to search online or ask your network for recommendations, chances are there’ll be a recruiter in your industry who has the specialist knowledge and connections to help you find your next role. A good recruiter will also be able to take you through their client’s hiring processes, which can differ greatly from company to company.
  2. Ask for some LinkedIn recommendations
    Most recruiters will check you out on LinkedIn after receiving your CV, so make sure your profile is up to scratch. Take a few minutes to ask a selection of people in your network for a recommendation – if appropriate, you can also tell them that you’re in the market for a new role. Having a handful of good quality testimonials on your profile will show recruiters that you’re a trustworthy professional and will reinforce the skills and strengths on your CV.
  3. Refresh your CV’s format
    Another quick and easy way to improve your job search is to refresh your CV. It won’t take long to hugely improve the look and feel by selecting a modern, legible font such as Calibri or Arial and making sure all text is set to the same size and alignment (aligned left in size 10 is advisable). It might sound obvious, but we’ve seen some CVs with mismatched fonts, sizes and colours that make them difficult to read!
  4. Find ‘hidden’ opportunities
    Are you missing out on hidden job opportunities? Not all jobs are posted to job boards, and it’s always worth sending a speculative email if there’s a particular company that you want to work for – just make sure you do your research and send it to the right person. It’s also worth telling your personal network of friends and family that you’re on the lookout for new opportunities and ask them to keep their ears open.
  5. Keep at it!
    You have to keep the faith! Job hunting is a marathon not a sprint, and you’ll need endurance to keep at it. It may take months to find a good match, but if you make the changes we’ve suggested and stick to good habits, you’ll be on to a winner. Tenacity is key!.
  6. Use an expert recruiter
    Yes, we’ve already said it once but it bears repeating! If you’re looking for a new role within IT, Consulting, Telecoms or Engineering, get in touch with the experts at Fuel Recruitment. We’re only a phone call away: 01926 487487

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