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Ecologi Update – August 2023

We have now planted over 1000 trees

We’re thrilled to announce a major achievement for us here at Fuel Recruitment! 🎉🌳 With our partnership with Ecologi, we’ve hit a monumental milestone by now planting a staggering 1099 trees in total and successfully offsetting 75 tonnes of CO2. 🌿💪

Through our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we have taken the initiative to offset our own employees’ carbon footprints every single month. By doing so, we’re not only reducing our environmental impact but also leading the way toward a greener future. 🌿🌏

But that’s not all! With every placement we make, we plant a tree as a symbol of our dedication to preserving the planet. This extraordinary effort ensures that we not only connect talented individuals with fantastic opportunities but also contribute to reforestation efforts worldwide. 🌳🌱

At Fuel Recruitment, we firmly believe that businesses have a vital role to play in mitigating climate change and protecting our precious ecosystems. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference and empower others to follow suit. Together, we can create a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come. 🌎💪

Join us on this incredible journey towards a greener future! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive change and inspire others to take action. Together, let’s make the world a better place, one tree at a time! 🌿🌳✨

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