How to impress in your new job

Six ways to feel settled and confident during your first week in a new job.

So all the hard work has paid off – the rewriting of CVs and the mastering of the perfect firm handshake has borne fruit in the form of an exciting new job offer! But now the hard work really begins as you prepare for the sometimes nerve-wracking first week in your new position, but don’t worry as we have some essential advice to help you settle in.

Be informed

Preparation is key for your first week. Will you turn up suited and booted and find out everyone’s in business casual? Will you park your car in a multi-storey a mile away to realise there’s free on-site parking? Will you be able to get in the office without a key or pass? Finding out as much as possible will eliminate a lot of the uncertainty of first-week nerves.

Be patient

Induction training varies from company to company, but most will have an obligation to go through a number of different manuals or training videos during your first week. There will be a lot of information to process and it’s natural to feel slightly overwhelmed at times. Remember that for the most part induction training will only need to be completed once.

Be inquisitive

The mistake a lot of people make is being afraid to ask questions in their first week and then panicking about their lack of knowledge. It might be that you don’t know the security code to get into the office or you can’t find the photocopier to save your life. Some organisations use a lot of acronyms that are like a foreign language to outsiders. Remember – you’re better off being momentarily embarrassed and asking the ‘obvious’ question than staying ignorant in the long term.

Be a team player

This is a common requirement from clients and it applies beyond the application process. Make an effort to introduce yourself to the people you’ll be working with as soon as possible. Little things like going for a drink after work or making coffee for your colleagues can also really help to form good working relationships.

Be positive

A straw poll amongst co-workers revealed that one of the most irritating thing a new employee can do is hark back to their old job; “We used to do it differently at my company”, “At my old company we always did it like this.” People will wonder why you ever left and even if you don’t mean it to, it will come across as criticism. By all means, once you’re settled in you can improve processes and efficiency if it’s in your remit, but bide your time and pick your moment.

Be sure to talk to your Recruitment Consultant

A good Recruitment Consultant will make sure you have as much information as possible before you start your new job and will ring you during your first week to see how you’re getting on. Your relationship with them doesn’t have to end when you have the job, they should still offer support beyond your acceptance of your job offer.

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