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3 key phrases to include at your next interview

When you’re preparing for an interview, the list of things that you have to remember can be daunting. You’re trying to recall the responsibilities of your last role, a good example of the last time you overcame a challenge, and why manhole covers are round (just in case they try and catch you out), and that’s before you consider where you’re going to park.

We can help simplify things, because from our experience all potential employers want to hear some variation of the following three phrases when interviewing candidates:

“I really like the sound of that”

Never underestimate the importance of showing enthusiasm. Interviewers will be sizing up your attitude from the moment they shake your hand, and imagining how you will fit in with the company. However good you are at your job, however technically skilled or qualified you are, if you come across as bored or uninterested who will want to hire you? Furthermore, if you’re up against other candidates with similar skills and experience, and you seem motivated and ready to get to work, you will always be viewed more favourably.

“I noticed on your website…”

It’s incredible how many people turn up to interview without carrying out the most basic research on the company that might be hiring them. It gives the impression of being uninterested and unprepared. Before your interview, pay particular attention to the company’s news page, blog, and/or social media profiles. If you can prove that you haven’t just given the homepage a cursory glance, but actually took the time to drill down and notice that they’ve recently expanded their office or signed a big contract, it will signify to your interviewer genuine interest and engagement.

“I’ve succeeded in doing that before”

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a list of experience on your CV, employers want to know that you’re good at what you do. Now’s the time to flesh out the bullet points with tangible examples of success. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet; interviewers want to be assured that you’re confident in your abilities and that you can bring something positive to the role.

These three phrases may seem simple, but what they reveal to an interviewer will help you to stand out from the competition and make a great impression.


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