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Social media and the jobs market

Recruitment agencies and job seekers are utilising social media to find candidates and to search for job opportunities.

Most of us nowadays are regularly on social media chatting with friends and family, following new trends and checking out videos that have gone viral. The online community is a powerful place, with so many people using social media it only makes sense to take advantage of its popularity and diversify its use from personal to professional;

  • Social media is fast, free and reaches out to a huge audience
  • With more and more companies using social platforms to advertise jobs, it makes sense that the more connections you achieve and the more companies you follow the more job opportunities you will have access to
  • Comment, share and like posts relevant to your skill set to boost your media presence. You need to get your name and skills recognised by recruiters, the greater your social media activity the more chance a recruiter is going to have of seeing you and matching your talent to a role
  • The vast majority of job boards and social media sites are smartphone compatible making application processes quicker and more convenient. Nowadays a smartphone allows you to search for jobs, apply for roles, arrange interviews and even partake in interviews over video link

However, a word of warning, if your profile settings are not set to private when you decide to use your social media platforms as job hunting tools potential employers will be able to view your account and discover more about you than you may wish them to see;

  • Think before you share controversial jokes and air your views on provocative topics (people have lost their jobs in the past by voicing their opinions on Twitter and Facebook)
  • Be cautious what you publish about how you’ve been spending your spare time
  • Check your spelling, punctuation, grammar and use of colloquialisms, first impressions count and your use of language is no exception
  • If you have included your work and education history on your profile it can be used to verify facts against your CV so keep this up to date

Use your social media accounts to your advantage, promote yourself in a good light, one day it could be the make or break of you being selected for your next role.

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