Graphic of silhouetted figures introducing facts about GDPR

INFOGRAPHIC – Useful facts & figures about GDPR

By MAbrahall / November 6, 2017 /

Are you ready for the new General Data Protection Regulations? GDPR will come into effect in the UK next spring, and will enhance and strengthen the rights that currently exist under the Data Protection Act. We’ve put together this infographic with useful facts and figures about the upcoming regulations, and how they could affect you…

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Graphic showing 100% in a rosette

INFOGRAPHIC – Client Survey 2017

By MAbrahall / July 13, 2017 /

To help us maintain our high standards of customer service, we regularly check in with our clients on an informal basis to make sure we’re fulfilling their requirements, and exceeding their expectations. In addition to this, we send out an annual client satisfaction survey so we can monitor our performance from year to year. We…

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Graphic of silhoutte of people in a row with text "Is the UK a nation of Job hoppers?"

INFOGRAPHIC – Job hopping habits in the UK

By MAbrahall / January 21, 2015 /

Is there an epidemic of job hopping in the UK? And if there is, is that such a bad thing? People are not only changing roles more frequently these days, they’re changing their whole careers. It could be down to a ‘grass is always greener’ attitude, or simply the fact that loyalty to an organisation…

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