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What Makes a Successful Contractor?

As experts in contract and interim recruitment, we know many contractors who have been working successfully for years or even decades, who are well suited to being self-employed. Over the years we’ve noticed that these individuals have a few things in common that help them .... Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Accept That Job Offer

As a Recruiter, there’s no better feeling than finding someone the perfect job to match their skills and career goals! It’s why we spend time getting to know both our Clients and our Candidates, so we understand their needs and aspirations. We make sure that people are truly .... Read More

Tips for Before, During and After a Job Interview

The goal of job-hunting is to secure a new role, and in most cases this will involve an interview where it is vital to make a good impression. But interview preparation is not just about the interview day itself; what you do before and after can also improve your chances of .... Read More

Your Step by Step Guide to Resigning Professionally

After months of job searching, countless CV rewrites, several job interviews and possibly even a second interview, you’ve done it! You’ve finally been offered the new job of your dreams. But now comes the part most people dread: officially handing in your notice. While every .... Read More

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Job Search

When you’re looking to make a change in your career, you need to use every possible weapon in your arsenal to stand out from the crowd of candidates. It’s not enough these days to simply upload your rather tired CV to a couple of online platforms and wait for the job offers .... Read More

Avoid These Common Mistakes Made by New Employees

Hunting for a new role can take so much time and effort, it’s easy to forget what happens after you’ve accepted a job offer – actually starting a new job! A lot of focus is placed on how to get your CV noticed and how to impress during an interview, but making sure you .... Read More

5 Things to Delete from Your CV Right Now

As specialist recruiters, we see hundreds of CVs on a weekly basis, and we always advise our candidates if there’s something that needs editing before we send them on to clients. The most important thing is that there are no “typos” or spelling mistakes! Your CV is often the .... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC – Top Tips for CV Writing and Job Interviews

Supporting our candidates in their job search is a huge part of what we do at Fuel Recruitment, from editing CVs to conducting mock interviews to help them prepare. We’ve been doing it for over 14 years and have learnt a thing or two along the way! We asked our recruitment .... Read More

Is it the Right Time to Leave Your Job? 5 Tell-Tale Signs

With recent world events and the uncertainty of Brexit looming over us, it’s not surprising that people are craving security in other aspects of their lives. There is a definite lack of mobility in the jobs market: according to research by the REC, the number of people .... Read More

What Exactly is Competency-Based Interviewing?

What exactly is competency-based interviewing (CBI), and what’s the best way to prepare for these interviews? Chris McCarthy, Director of Pivot RPO, comments: “Competency-based interviewing (CBI) is the most popular interview approach used by employers. It is based on .... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC – 13 ways to improve your focus

Do you ever struggle to stay focused at work? You’re not alone. With social media on our phones and desktops, open-plan offices and the constant quest for ‘inbox zero’ it can feel impossible to focus on one task for more than a few minutes. But there are ways to cut down on .... Read More

Why December is the best month to look for a job

Looking for a new job takes time and effort. When you consider that finding a new role takes an average of 2 months, it’s no surprise that most job hunters take a break over the Christmas period. However, if you’re planning to do this you could be missing out, as December .... Read More

Contractor Insurance

Contractors are hired to provide a specific service or skill-set to clients, often working on a designated project. But what would happen if you made an error which resulted in financial loss to your client? They will want compensation, and without insurance your mistake .... Read More

How to impress in your new job

Six ways to feel settled and confident during your first week in a new job. So all the hard work has paid off – the rewriting of CVs and the mastering of the perfect firm handshake has borne fruit in the form of an exciting new job offer! But now the hard work really .... Read More

Working at Fuel Recruitment

When I joined Fuel Recruitment as a Recruitment Consultant, I had no experience in the industry. My background was furniture sales in a well-known department store. During my introduction to Fuel, I met the Head of Business Development for the North, the Sales Director and .... Read More

Writing the perfect CV

How much time do you spend keeping your CV up to date? Your CV is a key element to the job hunting process and a few simple changes can be the difference between securing an interview and being added to the ‘circular file’. A good CV showcases your education, skills and .... Read More

Social media and the jobs market

Recruitment agencies and job seekers are utilising social media to find candidates and to search for job opportunities. Most of us nowadays are regularly on social media chatting with friends and family, following new trends and checking out videos that have gone viral. The .... Read More

Managed Services

We talk to Nim Gopal about the requirements our Managed Services department have been receiving from clients Nim started working at Fuel Recruitment as a Trainee Recruiter in 2011, she has since been promoted to Principal Resourcing Consultant, helping to develop and mentor .... Read More

Contracting pros and cons

Are you contemplating leaving your permanent job to pursue your profession as a contractor? The thought of leaving a stable career is undoubtedly a daunting prospect, and becoming a contractor isn’t suitable for everyone. However, when you consider the benefits of having .... Read More

Consulting & Technology

Our Consulting and Technology team in the hotseat We’ve been talking to Brian Hinojosa who is an Account Manager for our Consulting and Technology team. We wanted to find out what recruitment trends he has been noticing recently; When did you start working for Fuel .... Read More

Common job application errors

Job application errors at their highest in four years According to recent research from HireRight, a worldwide background screening company for employers, inaccurate and embellished CVs and job applications are at their highest level since 2011, results show that; 63% of job .... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC – Job hopping habits in the UK

Is there an epidemic of job hopping in the UK? And if there is, is that such a bad thing? People are not only changing roles more frequently these days, they’re changing their whole careers. It could be down to a ‘grass is always greener’ attitude, or simply the fact that .... Read More

Jobhunting? Here’s how to get noticed by recruiters

As George was happy to announce in the Autumn Statement last week, employment in the UK is at a record high. According to government statistics, 30.8 million people are in employment, a figure which has increased faster than any other G7 country over the last four years. Of .... Read More

3 key phrases to include at your next interview

When you’re preparing for an interview, the list of things that you have to remember can be daunting. You’re trying to recall the responsibilities of your last role, a good example of the last time you overcame a challenge, and why manhole covers are round (just in case they .... Read More

Would you hire yourself?

When you’re writing up your CV and preparing yourself for interviews, it can be hard to be objective about yourself and what you can offer a potential employer. Once you put aside the cold hard facts of education and skills, hiring managers are really looking for the ‘right .... Read More

How can working with a recruiter help your career?

When looking for a job you will find a dizzying array of options when it comes to searching and applying for roles. Online job boards, social media, face to face networking, applying through a company website or using a recruitment consultant – all of these methods have .... Read More

Beware of bad body language during Interviews

At Fuel Recruitment we like to make sure that our candidates are fully prepared whenever they go off to interview, by giving them as much information about the company and role as possible. We also give them advice on how to make the best possible first impression through .... Read More

The etiquette of resigning

For many candidates that we place in new roles, finally receiving a concrete job offer can be a bittersweet moment. Why? Because after weeks and months of hoping for a new opportunity, the moment has now come where they have to take a deep breath and resign. It’s never .... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC – Working from home

More and more people are working from home at the moment, either as permanent remote workers or on an occasional basis. Life without the daily commute and dress code can seem like a dream scenario, but as our infographic shows, working from home has its own challenges. We .... Read More

Office Life – Manners

Most of us will work in an office at some point, and spend more time with colleagues than with friends and family. That’s why it’s vital to keep the office environment as tension-free as possible. Some Universities are even preparing students by including training on manners .... Read More

Telephone Interview Techniques

Telephone interviews are still very much a part of the recruitment process. Recruiters conduct interviews over the phone as part of the early selection process to screen potential candidates and decide who is suitable for follow up face to face interviews and ultimately a .... Read More